Weights or Cardio? What’s Better Canada?


What came first, the chicken or the egg?
What’s more important- strength training or cardio?

Exercise was traditionally placed into two categories: strength training and cardio. There is so much elaboration that can and should be made with both of these terms.

The term cardio is often interchangeable with aerobic exercise, generally a steady-state, low-to-intermediate-intensity exercise regimen that uses a lower form of fuel as energy which is your fat storage. Examples include jogging, fast walking, hiking, using an elliptical machine, or taking a slower-paced aerobics class. While this form of exercise begins to use mostly fat as fuel approximately twenty-five minutes into the workout, it has little effect on fat burning after the exercise is done. Additionally, slower training requires more free time to exercise, and still uses other forms of energy as well.

In contrast with cardio, strength training, or anaerobic exercise, has an incredible metabolic effect on the body after the session is complete and for a potential twenty-four to forty-eight hours afterward. Another benefit of strength training is the lean muscle your body builds; that muscle starts to eat away at the fat, simply because muscle needs more energy to live.

You Need Both… But it doesn’t have to be overly time consuming or complicated.

The beauty of Kettlebell Kickboxing (all of uor programs) is that we will tap into both forms of training in one workout. Our martial arts intervals will keep your body active and moving throughout the entire workout, while the kettlebell and body weight strength motions will help build lean and strong muscle tissue. Another benefit of KB? Once you have learned the program in this book, the kettlebell will help you build more lean muscle and get all of the benefits of the post-workout effect, where the body will be metabolically more active, helping burn more calories and build lean muscle mass that will be taking the place of fat.

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