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Kettlebell Kickboxing has grown from one of the most popular, sold-out classes in NYC to a world class home fitness and instructor community. The Canadian region is host to some of the very best and most comprehensive instructor certifications in both kettlebells and the Kettlebell Kickboxing trademark brand system. Our home fitness workout community is 120k and growing daily. While our Certified Kettlebell and Kettlebell Kickboxing instructors are some of the most innovative, educated and successful trainers and studio owners in the fitness industry today.

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Kettlebell Kickboxing combines the strength, mobility, longevity of martial arts and the power and low impact training of the Russian Kettlebell.

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Thousands of men and women have transformed how they look, move and feel with our programs. We have 6 unique home fitness programs, complete with nutrition guides and progressions for every goal.

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Every KBIA Certified Instructor has their own instructor page, listing and a special log-in where they will have access to countless research studies, instructor videos, marketing tools and more. Checkout the instructors pages to see more.

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New workouts, studies and technique videos posted 4x a week. All levels and all goals welcome; Beginners will start from scratch and learn the key elements of training smart for success. Intermediate and advanced individuals will progress through the program to meet even greater goals and learn to maintain their accomplishments for life.

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Pausing and resetting are essential... just don’t stay there! We always say rest, reset and restart. Easy to get into a funk with your exercise and with life at times. This is when your discipline will help you carry through. I say it time and time again training is for life. The fundamentals you will build from training will help you with life. Showing up and being consistent will help you achieve your fitness goals but will also help you navigate through life . It ultimately is a lifestyle!

Join us Online or in studio @kbkbcanadastudioyqr ! A place where you can work on you!💪💖 J.

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Regina, Saskatchewan
Swipe today to see the various levels of training, first being advanced, intermediate & then beginner. All kettlebell moves can be executed at different levels. Training push, pull, level change & rotation & switch releases! Adding in the leopard kickout which is a motion taken from BJJ.
Our bodies are meant to move, so today ... move your body - being mindful to yourself that movement looks different for everyone and that your start is Yours !

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Regina, Saskatchewan
✨Perspective ✨

✨Each weight we use is defined by the the exercise we do... for example today I used lighter but used a Bottoms Up Hold to make it more challenging and to train differently! Today open you mind to get started and be mindful of how you train!
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